Second Time's a Charm - 9/6/2013 - Seeing Things Gallery

"Maximilian Mueller is an American Contemporary artist from Maryland, currently based in Brooklyn, New York. Mueller is noted for his use of cartoonish figures and imagery that depict subjects such as society, politics and pop culture. Influenced by cultures such as skateboarding, folk art, pop art, low brow and street art, his cross disciplinary interests infuse his work with a dynamic mix of skill sets, ranging from painting to illustration, graphic design to printmaking, woodworking to sculpture."

show description:

"Seeing Things Gallery presents "Babbling Flower", a Solo Art Exhibition by Brooklyn, New York based multidisciplinary artist Maximilian Mueller. This exhibition is an exploration of Mueller's "colorfully dark" characters, featuring new paintings, prints and drawings around themes such as romance, adventure, and pure optimism."

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