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The term “black and white drawing" may be defined as the linear realization of visual objects, concepts, emotions, and fantasies, including symbols and even abstract forms. In a return to the basics, Marks, steps back and examines the traditional and versa- tile medium of black ink, that dates back to the birth of the medium, by the Chinese, in 3000 BC...bla, bla,bla. (actual introduction) We’ve gathered a talented group of top drawers and asked them contribute black and white art for a group show entitled Marks, ”A Black & White Exhibition.”

Evan Hecox James Jarvis Andy Jenkins Henry Jones Randy Laybourne Nathan Lewis John McGuire Travis Millard Jason Polan Michael Sieben

Hey People, Due to circumstances beyond our control, we've had to change the show opening to Saturday afternoon, May 20th, 2pm-6pm.

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